No matter

Where you go,

There you are

Lance was born at a young age and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. At a later point, he graduated high school and attended Penn State University where he was moderately successful at majoring in Biomedical Equipment Technology.  Discovering that this field was not his life’s calling, he continued on to Wheeling Jesuit University where he majored in Allied Healthcare Administration, where he was much more successful.  Then after a few years of working, he decided to go back to get his Master’s degree in Multimedia Technology from Duquesne University, solely because he wanted to and he was very successful. 

He is also a veteran with over 30 years of service in both the Navy and the Air Force, where he retired as a Major.   

He married a beautiful curly haired girl named Julie and had 4 interesting children, and so far 1 grandchild.  Lance is a major nerd and science fiction fanatic, preferring Star Wars, Dr Who, Star Trek and the Expanse at the moment, plus a few others for variety.  He enjoys hiking, biking and white water rafting.